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About Laura:

Although I’ve always been a bit of a Gypsea, and I’ve always loved the ocean, I did not start surfing until my mid 40’s, but once I did, I was hooked!  Shortly thereafter, I began my travels in search of warm water and good waves. One of my frequent surf destinations has been Cabo. In July 2016, after many trips down there every year, it became evident to me that it was time to share my knowledge of the surf breaks, the area, and other activities with my fellow surfers and travelers. 

Remembering back to my first trip, when we didn’t know the breaks, where it was it best at  high / low tide, etc.  I thought how nice it would have been to show up and just SURF!

And that was the start of Gypsea Life Surf Travel Company.

Many of my trips will be to Cabo, as it is like my second home.  I know many locals I am fortunate enough to call friends.  You will be welcomed by all! In addition to Cabo surf trips, there will be trips to Puerto Vallarta, Scorpion Bay, and Nicaragua. Stay Tuned!

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