Cabo Gallery

View from condo in the evening.
View from condo evening time.
Surfing right out front.
Surfing in front of condo.
Surfing at the Rock and Old Mans.
Surf in front of condo.
Sunrise from condo.
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Las Gaviotas Gallery

Las Gaviotas
Las Gaviotas pool area.
Las Gaviotas beach view.
Las Gaviotas view.
Las Gaviotas surfing.
Las Gaviotas waves.
Catching waves at Las Gaviotas.
Beautiful waters of Las Gaviotas.
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Nicaragua Gallery

Evening Surf at Playa Santana
a short 3-5 minute walk
The Resort
The resort
Garden Room
Dining area
Fun lefts at Playa Santana
Popoyo and Mag Rock
Playa Santana
Boat Trip to Lances Left
Surf transportation when needed
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Scorpion Bay Gallery

Scorpion Bay
Perfect waves
The longest point break in the world
Surf Check Point 2
Surf Transportation when needed
Fun surf for all
There are 4 point breaks, so no matter how big or small the swell is, we can find something suitable for everyone
A Full Quiver of Boards
Casa Bonita from outside
Outside Courtyard
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View from condo evening time.