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Surfing in Cabo; explore the unknown side of Cabo, where perfect point waves do exist!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cabo? Most likely you said partying, beach, sun, tequila, or perhaps even fishing. But rarely does anyone talk about the amazing surf in Cabo! In a selfish way, I'm glad as it keeps the number of surfers in the water low, but on the other hand, I wonder how this best kept secret still exists?

My first surf trip to Cabo was in 2009. I had no idea at that time that Cabo would become my home away from home. Besides the surf, which is perfecto!, the people, food, and weather are all amazing. I have made many friends in Cabo (both expats and locals) who I love catching up with every time I'm down there.

Cabo is a short 2 hour plane ride from Los Angeles/Orange County, which means you can fly out in the morning, and surf in the afternoon! We stay in front of 2 point breaks with perfect peeling rights, and the occasional lefts when the tide and swell are just right. Rather than go on and on about the waves, I'll let the picture speak for themselves. No need to pack your surfboard on our trips as the rental shop is just across the street. They have a wide selection of short and long boards to choose from, and you can switch out your board as often as you'd like. All the boards are shaped locally and made just for the breaks around here.

While the primary purpose of my visit is to SURF, I have also found many other fun things to do in our downtime, like jumping off Pelican Rock, snorkeling, shopping (ok, not so much me, but a lot of my guests like to shop), and driving through the amazing landscape of the East Cape.

I plan several trips each season (April to October) to Cabo. My surf trips run a little different than a surf camp where everyone is on the same schedule. On my trips, you are free to do whatever you'd like. We stay right in front of 2 surf breaks, so you can surf as much or as little as you'd like. I update you daily on expected conditions, best times to surf, etc., but it's up to you how much surf you want. I also let you know of the daily options as far as pre/post surf activities and you are free to join in if you'd like. Our trips generally include a day trip to either Cerritos or the East Cape for a surf day, heading to downtown Cabo San Lucas to see the Arches and jump off Pelican Rock, followed by lunch/snacks on Medano Beach, and dinners in the beautiful town of San Jose del Cabo.

If you'd like more information on my guided surf trips, email me at , or check out my webpage, or my facebook gypsealifesurf page.

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